5 Advantages of Crash-Rated Gates for Security

5 Advantages of Crash-Rated Gates for Security

If you are operating a highly secure facility, you want to be protected on all sides. Keep unauthorized vehicles out for good by installing gates they can’t ram through. Check out these advantages of crash-rated gates for security and choose the perfect barriers for your building.

More Peaceful Traffic Flow

Drivers who have to wait in a long line to pass through a gate can often get impatient. Flimsy slide gates are relatively easy to plow through with sufficient road rage. But when drivers see that your heavy-duty vertical pivot gate means business, they’ll have the chance to calm down and wait their turn. Nobody wants to wreck their car just trying to enter your facility.

Creates a Checkpoint

A crash barrier gate manned by a security professional is the perfect spot to verify entrants’ credentials before letting them pass. Again, nobody wants to crash their car trying to get in, so people will be less likely to slip past security.

Easy Installation

Vertical crash gates don’t require you to modify the surrounding roadway. You can install a large pivot gate at your entrance without hassle, and the end result will be of higher quality anyway. Slide gates require a track along the ground, while pivot gates are simply bolted into the concrete on each side.

Superior Security

If you operate a high-security facility like those associated with the government or the military, multiple security applications are mandatory. A crash gate creates a powerful first line of defense for the rest of the facility—and one that’s difficult to plow through. Even the most fervent would-be burglars will be stymied by a crash-rated and tested gate system.

Pedestrian Safety

Tilt-a-Way offers K-rated crash gates, tested against 15,000lb vehicles driving at 30, 40, and 50 miles an hour. A particularly dedicated intruder poses serious danger to security professionals and nearby pedestrians. But even if an unauthorized vehicle tries to ram your gate at 45 miles per hour, any individuals behind the gate will be safe from harm.

When browsing vertical pivot gate systems for your facility, consider your security needs. Buildings that hold sensitive and confidential information require multiple levels of security, and a crash gate is a perfect line of defense. The advantages of crash-rated gates for security cannot be overstated; deter all potential intruders. Crash gates are serious business.

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