5 Must-Know Benefits of Vertical Pivot Gates

5 Must-Know Benefits of Vertical Pivot Gates

If you run a commercial business or industrial facility, you’ve probably looked into security options. Depending on how much protection your building needs, you can choose from a number of solutions, such as building access cards or slide gates.

But have you considered a vertical pivot gate (VPG)? Vertical pivot gate systems offer heightened security while reducing the risk of injury. Read up on the must-know benefits of vertical pivot gates.

Increased Speed

Vehicles can enter and exit your facility more quickly with a vertical gate. The pivot system doesn’t take as long to rise as a slide gate takes to open.

They’re also quick and easy to install. Your security gate manufacturer will get in touch with an installer near you to facilitate a convenient setup.

Safer Than Slide Gates

Vertical pivot gates have fewer opportunities for entrapment than your standard slide gate. Slide and swing gates have several moving parts that can pinch and injure pedestrians.

Meanwhile, a pivot system reduces the sheer number of moving parts. It lifts the gates out of the way, and there aren’t any potential entrapment spots.

Sturdy Construction

We mentioned earlier that VPG systems have fewer moving parts that can be dangerous to pedestrians. Pivot gates move with bolts secured in concrete—they’re not going anywhere.

Slide gates often attach to fences or posts, leaving them vulnerable to damage and break-ins. However, vertical pivot gates are resilient to impact due to the concrete support.

Weather Compatibility

Do you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall in the winter? Big snowbanks can prevent swing or slide gates from working properly since they run parallel to the ground.

With a vertical pivot gate, you don’t have that problem. You could get 18 inches of snow and still be able to operate your gate because it lifts up instead of sliding open.

Easier Maintenance

You already know that VPG systems increase convenience for people entering and exiting your facility. You know that they’re easier to install and easier to operate.

They’re also easier to maintain than swing or slide gates. Fewer moving parts means fewer spots to lubricate, clean, and check tension. Manufacturers test vertical pivot gates, and the gates don’t require the meticulous upkeep of a slide gate.

When shopping for security solutions for your facility, compare the old-fashioned gate systems with a VPG. The latter is superior in quality, construction, and safety. Let these must-know benefits of a vertical pivot gate inspire you to choose one with the best security.

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