Choosing a Security Gate for Your Commercial Property

Choosing a Security Gate for Your Commercial Property

Automatic security gates are a perfect way to amp up your building’s security without loads of extra effort. There are many gate options on the market right now, and it’s up to you to make the choice that fits your business best. Here’s a quick guide to choosing a security gate for your commercial property.

Know Your Options

The differences between security gate systems lie mainly in their opening and closing mechanisms.

  • Slide gates utilize a track to slide open and closed on a horizontal plane.
  • Swing gates work like regular doors; they swing open and shut.
  • Pivot gates use a vertical plane to tilt or lift the gate into the air and out of the way.

Consider the Costs

How much of your budget have you allotted for security costs? The initial price tag on a security gate system may not tell you the whole story.

Slide and swing gates are popular options for commercial security, and many folks think those are their only options. Installing a slide gate is a little more costly than a swing gate due to the track mechanism.

A commercial automatic security gate with a vertical pivot system requires a higher up-front cost than the other two options but they save you money in the long run. Vertical pivot gates are sturdier, easier to operate, and less prone to damage.

What Do You Need?

What level of security does your commercial enterprise require? If your building holds a great deal of proprietary information and business secrets, you’ll need to keep interlopers away.

Do you see unfamiliar cars and trucks trying to get onto your property? Crash gates and barriers prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering; in a standoff between an SUV and a crash gate, your gate will win.

Consider the weather conditions in your area, too. If you regularly see heavy snowfall in the winter, go for a vertical pivot gate instead of one that slides. With a vertical system, you don’t have to worry about clearing away all that snow in order for your gate to work.

Choosing a security gate for your commercial property requires some critical thinking from you. Instead of installing the same old gates all the other businesses in your area have, consider your business’s unique needs. Tilt-a-Way provides high-quality vertical gate systems that hold up to impact and open and close with ease.

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