How Pivot Gates Can Improve School Entrance Security

How Pivot Gates Can Improve School Entrance Security

Many school environments implement an open campus that encourages the use of multiple entries and exits within a building. While it effectively allows students, faculty, and visitors to enter school property, it isn’t conducive to security.

However, incorporating environmental design concepts that focus on crime prevention can reduce safety concerns. To learn how pivot gates can improve school entrance security, continue reading below.

What Is a Pivot Gate?

A vertical pivot gate is an automatic system that regulates vehicular entry. These mechanisms open and close using a similar motion to that of a railroad crossing arm.

You’ll notice pivot gates in entry points with limited space or uneven ground; they utilize vertical air space during their operation without sacrificing security strategies and access control.

As the gate lifts, it rises to a 90-degree angle, allowing vehicles of all sizes to pass safely without the risk of collision or uncomfortable driving situations.

How Can It Help School Entrance Security?

You’ll notice pivot gates in many locations, like airports, offices, and manufacturing facilities. Conversely, pivot gates are practical tools that can enhance school security and prioritize student safety.

Requires Continuous Monitoring

Although pivot gates are automatic lifting mechanisms, these devices may require the assistance of security officials to operate controls.

Access points with pivot gates would enforce continuous monitoring from a designated staff member or security officer to ensure the gate’s uninterrupted operation.

Regulates Vehicle Access

Continuous monitoring would allow visitors access to school property if security members enabled it. Combined with the operating nature of a pivot gate, officials can keep track of visitors approaching and leaving, creating a solid visitor management system.

Supports Entry As Main Point of Entry

High traffic times like early mornings and afternoons see high volumes of vehicles entering and leaving school property. Single entry points are beneficial on their own; however, vertical pivot gates further enhance security by creating a solid access point.

Utilizes Less Maintenance

Installing a vertical pivot gate would require bolts to secure footing in concrete. This method would create a sturdy foundation for the device, making it resilient to impacts.

You can locate a gate’s smaller, operational components inside its chassis, reducing the risk of vandalism and damage that can affect functionality.

What Is the Long-Term Goal?

The goal of vertical pivot gates is to ensure student and faculty well-being in the form of restricting access to unauthorized individuals. Pivot gates can improve school safety and provide officials with peace of mind that may decrease potentially threatening situations.

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