Security Measures Every Storage Facility Should Have

Security Measures Every Storage Facility Should Have

In a perfect world, storage facilities provide customers with ample, secured space to keep their belongings. Many of these belongings are costly and hold significant value to their owners, prompting them to seek the most protected establishment to contain items effectively.

Given this point, a storage facility should always prioritize the safety and security of its units and the items they contain. That said, there are crucial security measures every storage facility should have to keep their customers’ concerns at ease.

Limit Hours of Access

While some storage facilities boast 24-hour access and operation, underneath such convenience lies an element that can place valuables in danger.

It would help if storage facilities limit their hours of operation and have a set schedule in place. Doing so can promote easier monitoring of incoming and outgoing traffic.

Install Alarms and Security Systems

Given their purpose, storage facilities require sophisticated security and alarm systems to protect units and their contents. Crime has no boundaries, and with criminals identifying accessible targets, it helps to have a robust system that’s active outside of regular hours of operation.

Consider incorporating access control to regulate patrons and entry on the premises. Vertical pivot gate systems are automatic mechanisms that open and close similar to a railroad crossing arm. Pivot gates require keypads requiring codes to grant entry.

Incorporate Motion Sensor Lighting

Bright motion sensor lighting is an excellent deterrent to thieves and criminals. Motion sensor lighting provides safety to authorized personnel and visitors when walking out of a facility and to their vehicles.

Install Security Cameras

Professional companies prioritizing the safety of valuables in their companies may also rely on security cameras and technology to maintain surveillance. In the event of theft or property damage, officials can refer to archived footage to deter responsible parties and rectify the situation.

It helps to display signage indicating the presence of security cameras to ward off potential delinquent behavior.

Hire On-Site Security Staff

While the measures mentioned are fantastic options, having on-site personnel can optimize safety the most. By hiring someone to monitor feeds and grant entry to customers, storage facility owners can find peace knowing they have trained and experienced staff to patrol grounds.

Every storage facility should have security measures in place to protect the valuables of those who use them and deter crime. These vital strategies contribute to the legitimacy of the facility and its operations while building trust in its patrons.

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