A Simple Guide to Different Types of Security Gates

A Simple Guide to Different Types of Security Gates

Many industrial facilities, like government buildings and water treatment plants, require heightened levels of security. When you shop for gates, you’ll find that the applications and quality vary by the type of gate you choose. With this easy guide to different types of security gates, you’ll make an informed and confident decision.

Swing Gates

You’ve probably seen plenty of classic swing gates. They function like doors, opening at one end to swing in or out by up to 90 degrees. While they are relatively easy to operate, they’re not meant for pedestrian access and require a great deal of space to move.

Slide Gates

More space-efficient than a swing gate, a slide gate runs along the ground, often secured into a track for easy opening and closing. There are a couple of different varieties. V-groove rolling slide gates use a track along the ground, cut into a V-shaped groove. This gate has small wheels along the bottom that roll back and forth on the track. Meanwhile, cantilever slide gates do not use a track. Instead, they roll on trucks or wheels that are counterbalanced with the gate posts.

Vertical Gates

Vertical lift or pivot gate systems have grown in popularity due to their sturdiness, efficiency, and ease of use. Instead of taking up space along the ground, a vertical gate lifts into the air to allow cars or individuals to enter. A vertical security lift gate raises the entire gate vertically into the air, sort of like a garage door. The lifting columns on each side keep the gate steady as it opens.

Meanwhile, a vertical pivot gate rotates 90 degrees upward at the bottom corner and stands upright to let entrants pass through. Pivot gates don’t require a great deal of space and are common in industrial settings with limited space and no overhead restrictions.

Bifold Gates

A bifold gate is comprised of two main gates, each with hinged panels. They open in the center, like a swing gate, but each side neatly folds into itself as the gate opens. Some models use overhead or bottom tracks, while others use no tracks at all. Bifold gates are common outside facilities with space constraints, and they do not require as much maintenance as slide or swing gates.

As you select the right security gate system for your facility, think about your needs. How strong do you need the gate to be? Are you working with limited space? Vertical pivot and lift gate systems are ideal for high-security facilities that require crash-proof gates with minimal maintenance. Tilt-a-Way’s handy guide to various types of security gates makes quick work of the decision-making process.

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